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Protest of employees of the company “PCD.Inc” against the amendment of the Rent-Stabilization Law (Video)

Brooklin, May 16 Around 60 workers of construction company “Prishtina Construction Desing.Inc” with owner Flamur Prishtina protested today on the road to Crown Heights in Brooklin. This protest came as a reaction to oppose the motion for revision of the Rent-Stabilization Law coming from Manhattan State Senator Brian Kavanaugh, who is seeking to amend the Law on Rent in the State of New York.

Protesters, professional employees of the company “PCD Inc Prishtina and some other construction companies held banners in their hands, saying:” Senator, my job matters, “” I need my job, “” I want to work, “” My job pay my rent “,” Senator, my job depends on your vote “,” N MCI – No Jobs – No Jobs – No Jobs “etc.
Flamur Prishtina, the owner of the company PCD Prishtina, in a letter dated 7 March, which owns Botapress, among others, writes that during these years my business has increased thanks to the cooperation with MCI as it has increased the quality of housing per inhabitant. Renovation of residential apartments has provided security and high quality housing for residents. Simply put, with the work of the company PCD Inc provide income for me, for my family and for about 60 employees. If the Amendments to the Rent-Stabilization Law will be amended, except that the volume of work of my company will decrease, the taxes for 2019 wrote Flamur Prishtina in his letter to Senator Andrew J. Lanza, representative of New York State State 24 District.
Let’s add that changing the Law on Rent will have a negative impact on quality and housing security in New York and will dramatically reduce the volume of construction companies’ jobs and jeopardize workplaces for hundreds of thousands of workers in construction companies .
The protest was followed by local New York media and it was held without any incident.



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